Moving Light

Selection of Follow Spot, Disco Light, and Moving Head


Follow Spot

Highlight the performer or moving action in musical, theatre, and dance production.

  • Produce a high intensity of variable beam angle spot light.



 Disco Light / Mini Gemini

  • Produce various lighting effects such as strobe, helicopter, star flash, devil, rainbow, multi-ice and derby.



Moving Head

  • Used in major theater productions, concerts, gala dinners, or award shows as it creates a stunning ambiance.
  • The movement and characteristic of output beam is controlled remotely.

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Double Ball / Mushroom Light

This Disco Light has a ball with multi-colored reflectors, rotating around bright LED lights inside, creating a disco effect on the walls, ceiling and floor of your room. 

  • Two color disco balls rotate on a base that also rotates, sending beams of light dancing all over the room. Just this one light alone will change the entire look of your party! 



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