Top 10 Buzz-Worthy Launching Gimmick Setup in Less Than 24 Hours

With proper planning, no event concept is too outlandish; everything can be transformed into something memorable. Due to a lack of “impact,” the majority of business events wind up becoming monotonous. It is natural that people don’t want to muck up their event, therefore they often stick to the fundamentals in order to have a clean and solemn occasion.

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3D Projection Mapping

What is 3D projection mapping and how does it works?

Canvases that are one-of-a-kind which gives you unique experiences.

Imagine if you could make even the most oddly shaped items come to life? And that is exactly what we’re going to dive in now. 

Projection mapping produces the visual illusion of movement through the artistic manipulation of light. It converts everyday objects into attention-grabbing stages and nearly any surface into one-of-a-kind dynamic displays.

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