Top 10 Buzz-Worthy Launching Gimmick Setup in Less Than 24 Hours

With proper planning, no event concept is too outlandish; everything can be transformed into something memorable. Due to a lack of “impact,” the majority of business events wind up becoming monotonous. It is natural that people don’t want to muck up their event, therefore they often stick to the fundamentals in order to have a clean and solemn occasion.

However, this does not make the event memorable, regardless of whether it is a product launch, an employee event, or a promotional event. Attendees are searching for something to remember, and if you do not provide them with a “wow” element or even a simple launch gimmick, you will likely be forgotten by the time they go back.

Want to give your products the launch they deserve, but you’re running out of time to prepare a dramatic launch. We’ve got you covered with a quick and simple gimmick launch within 24 hours.


1. Confetti cannon

Confetti is the perfect way to kick off a celebration. Confetti is frequently utilized during social events such as parties, weddings, and the introduction of new products. Shredded paper is the most fundamental sort of confetti, which may be created with scissors or a paper shredder.

Confetti cannons serve as an ideal backdrop for unforgettable images and provide a festive touch to the celebrations. The DOREMI Giant Confetti Blower is excellent for large events requiring a continual flow of confetti. Practically any location may be filled with confetti at a rate of 1 pound per second and up to 50 feet in height. These devices are extremely versatile and simple to run because they do not require energy. The best part of confetti is that it doesn’t take much time to set up. It can be set up anywhere anytime with our Team DOREMi.

Your party is now guaranteed to go off with a big bang.

2. Laser effect

Lasers always bring that additional zing to a launch that people remember fondly. A fantastic light show, such as lasers timed to music, can really liven up a party and get your visitors psyched about something.

Lasers might be an intriguing décor choice if you want to go with a futuristic vibe. Lasers are also less costly and simpler to set up than many other event gimmick ideas.

Most performance artists now employ a range of color lasers to produce a laser display that includes dance that is timed to music and lasers. This is definitely a crowd-pleaser and has the potential to become viral. Artists, dancers, and technology are the essential elements for a successful launch. Another innovative method to use the laser show is to paint the walls of your venue with moving laser lights that create patterns and forms based on your selling product or services.

Laser rentals are used for huge festivals, corporate events, and concerts in both indoor and outdoor locations.

3. Hologram

Hologram is a fascinating 3D technique that combines laser, interference, light intensity, and lighting to produce a breathtaking virtual image. Equipment capable of presenting a three-dimensional animation. Hologram is without a doubt the most popular among customers.

Economical and simple to install! Appropriate for product launches and entertainment exhibitions.

Team DOREMi is able to produce live holograms of people or items on stage, including singers, speakers, and holographic replicas of your products with floating objects. Holograms are connected with high-tech and luxury. A large rotating hologram of your luxury items in your store is a show-stopper.

4. Plasma ball

Plasma ball is an eye-catching launching application that mixes personalized text effects with simple lights. What a terrific beginning gambit!

Plasma ball is a visually appealing launching program that combines a customisable text effect with basic lights. It is available in three sizes from DOREMI: 12, 16, and 22 inches. A podium, on the other hand, may make public speaking more comfortable and easy. A simple and effective launching gimmick for a last-minute launch.

Rent a plasma ball and podium for your business meetings, outdoor events, and private celebrations; choose from wood, acrylic, or metal podiums. Or let our Team DOREMi to fix up an amazing launch gambit in less than a day.

5. Kabuki Drop/Reveal/System

The Kabuki drop creates a very neat and swift ‘drop’ of cloth or drape that reveals what is behind it, leaving the audience speechless.

The Kabuki reveal is a popular choice for product launches and reveals of many kinds. Use it as a projection surface before a vehicle launch, business event, or product launch to reveal a new product or logo.

Go all out with a double drop or a reveal and drop, in which a rolled-up logo or product branded cloth is lowered to be exposed (stays suspended) from a truss for the audience to view, and then dropped to the floor so the act can continue.

Depending on the model and weight/density of the fabric, a kabuki drop is often positioned 1 meter apart in order to uniformly suspend the cloth. It’s scalable, with as many kabuki units as the breadth of the cloth to be dropped.

DOREMi provides a large variety of Kabuki drops for rent and purchase. In addition to hiring, we offer Special Effects consultancy and administration, as well as a permanent installation of Kabuki Drops for events and other entertainment venues.

6. Hydraulic launching system

The hydraulic launching system (in the shape of a cylinder) is a basic yet popular option for any event launch. It also works well with “mock” props (such as keys, mobile phones, cards, etc.) and personalized decoration to indicate the launch, which is supported by the hydraulic mechanism.

When the launching queue is announced, the hydraulic mechanism pushes the mockup upwards, causing it to emerge on the launching day. The podium can be customized upon request.

It’s ideal for introducing a book, logo, or product. The hydraulic system may appear complicated, but it’s a piece of cake for our Team DOREMi.

7. Smoke Effect

One of the most frequent methods for raising the mood during an event is a smoke machine.

These atmospheric effects are used to generate distinctive effects, highlight lighting and lighting effects, and create a certain mood or ambiance. If light beams may be seen cutting across a room, smoke or fog is most likely being employed.

Smoke machines are popular, especially at concerts where a timed blast follows a celebrity’s arrival or at parties when the DJ hits the floor. However, there are a few inventive ways that smoke blasters may be used to produce the essential effect at an introductory stage setup of a product launch.

Produces a dense white smoke that remains low and hugs the ground, often remaining below 60cm. It will wrap around short items and even flow down the stage and steps, creating the illusion of walking on clouds. The Dry Ice Machine is a fantastic effect for a wedding first dance, a bride and groom/key person entrance, or creating a foggy or magical background for a theatrical production. The impact is limited to around 2 minutes of use and leaves no residue or smoke once it is turned off. Because the fog remains low, it is a safer effect to utilize in terms of triggering smoke alarms.

8. Bubble Effect

Bubble Machines generate a storm of hundreds, if not thousands, of bubbles to add a magical touch and arouse attention.

Contrary to the common association of bubbles with children’s events, bubbles are fantastic. It is ideal for huge gatherings such as launch events where selling products will look magnificent as they float around as light passes through them.

Bubble machines are positioned as close as possible to the desired effect, typically on the floor or on a riser; next to the stage, dance floor, or entry area, and can even be put on truss.

Bubble machine is a scalable effect that works both indoors and outdoors and has the capacity to cover extremely wide areas by adding DOREMi fans, if necessary, to help blow the bubbles in the appropriate direction.

DOREMi offers a variety of bubble machines for rent and sale, as well as a variety of varieties; thus, we can confidently propose a machine that meets your needs. In addition to bubble machine rentals, we offer Special Effects advice and management services, Contact US.

9. Gong

Create a deep wowing tone for your launch events or any opening ceremonies with the Chinese Gong. It may be old school but it surely still has a huge impact on the current audience. Gongs are used for more than simply music; they are also used to call attention to something during a pleasurable occasion, such as the opening of a business or the start of an event.

10.Ribbon Cutting

When you want to garner a lot of attention, a ribbon-cutting ceremony is a great way to do so without spending a lot of money. Cutting the ribbon is an age-old launch tactic – yet it is still used and, more importantly, it works really well! Aside from the traditional ribbon cutting, you can try something more casual and playful, like an enormous ribbon. You may even make the ribbon extra-long and have your entire team cut it at the same time (this sends a clear message about your team’s coherence and collaboration).

All in all,

Looking for confetti cannons and special effects that will make your event or production more exciting and noteworthy in a short span of time? Don’t worry, DOREMi offers all of this and much more. Our production team from DOREMi will assist you in designing and launching your event in style while generating hype for your event. We will support you and make your event launch gimmicks a reality. Contact us NOW for consultation.