Launch Gimmick Rental

Complete range of launching gimmick equipment rental in Malaysia

Welcome to the ultimate destination for the best launch gimmick ideas in Malaysia! Whether you’re unveiling a new product or initiating a project, our curated selection of launch gimmicks ensures your event stands out.

Whether you’re planning a mobile app launch, a property launch or a simple book launch gimmick, we’ve got the best launch gambits for your events.Dive into a world where innovation meets tradition, and discover a range of product launch gimmick ideas designed to captivate and impress. From the classic to the contemporary, every project launch gimmick we offer is crafted to elevate your event, making it memorable and impactful!

Create a stunning moment during your event product launching as we offer innovative and cutting edge mechanism for joyful experience to the guests. Suitable for indoor and outdoor events in Malaysia.You can even elevate your event further by captivating your audience’s attention with our visually stunning special effects equipment.

Types of Launch Gambit Products Available for Rent

Digital Touch Screen Display

An interactive touchscreen display for enhancing user engagement, ideal for presentations and product showcases. Choose from touch tables, touchscreen kiosks, or touchscreen walls and make a big splash at your launching event! Available in 32’’, 43’’, 55’, 65’’ size options.

Giant Confetti Cannon

Creates a celebratory atmosphere, perfect for marking significant moments during events like product launches or celebration climax. Includes installation & dismantling.


A traditional instrument that adds a ceremonial touch, perfect for grand openings and significant announcements. A perfect launching gimmick to hold your audience’s attention.  Available with Gong stand size of 71cm (Width) x 88cm (Height) and diameter of 45cm.


A futuristic display that captures attention and adds a touch of innovation to any event. 3D technology that features laser, interference, light intensity and illumination applications to produce stunning virtual images for product launches or showbiz!

Hydraulic Launching Gimmick System

A powerful hydraulic mechanism for dramatic product reveals, ensuring a high-impact presentation. Works best with “mock” props (like keys, mobile phones, cards, etc) and customized ornament to mark the launching.

Kabuki Launching System

A theatrical effect used to dramatically reveal products or performances, ensuring a memorable impact. Available in Single Kabuki and Double Kabuki curtain drops!

Laser Effect Machine

Enhances the ambience with captivating light displays, perfect for creating memorable moments. Comes with laser powers of 100mW in red, 80mW in green, 300mW in blue, auto mode and an LED-controlled display!

LED Dance Floor & Net Rental

Illuminated flooring that adds vibrant colour features to events. Perfect gimmick for dance performances, private parties, dance floors and product launching.

Light Box

A luminous display enhancing visibility, ideal for launching and showcasing products or branding in low-light settings.Comes with a solid, durable frame. Perfect for use at exhibitions, trade shows or retail environments!

Plasma Ball

A visually stunning launching gambit application that offers both entertainment and intrigue, suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Perfect for dark ambience settings. Available in 12’’, 16’’, 22’’ size options that combine customized text effects with easy lighting!

Projection Mapping Projector

A technique that projects images or videos onto 3D objects, offering a visually stunning and immersive launching event experience. Project your chosen videos on 3D surfaces like buildings to create mind-blowing spectacles!

Ribbon Cutting Scissor

A ceremonial tool for official openings, symbolizing new beginnings and milestones. Available as 10.5″ black presentation quality case with a three-sided wrap-around zipper for easy access!

Sky Dancer

Animated inflatables that add movement and fun, drawing attention and elevating the event’s energy. Made of colourful lightweight material that ‘dances and snaps’ with the breeze, these are available in several design and colour options to choose from. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor events!

Speech Podium

A professional stand for speakers, enhancing the formality and structure of presentations and addresses. A must for corporate meetings, outdoor events or even private parties. Choose your podium options- wood, acrylic, or metal!


How can I use Rental Supplier’s Launching Gimmick products to make my event memorable?

All our event marketing and product launch props can be used to create special effects, add atmosphere and engage your audience. For example, confetti cannons can be used to create a celebratory atmosphere, while volcano smoke machines can add drama and mystery.

Are there any safety considerations when using the event marketing props?

Yes, some of the event marketing props may require special precautions to ensure safe use. For example, fog machines should not be used in small or poorly ventilated spaces, and confetti cannons should be used with caution to avoid injury to people or damage to property. It is important to read the instructions and safety guidelines for each product before use.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do ship most locations worldwide. To check the shipping information for a specific product, you can click on the product’s page and scroll down to the “Shipping” section. There, you should be able to see the shipping options and rates, as well as the estimated delivery time.

Do I need to hire a professional to operate the equipment?

The level of expertise required to operate the equipment and the complexity of the effect you want to create. Some event marketing props may require special skills or training, while others can be easily operated by anyone. At Rental Supplier, we provide instructions and safety guidelines for each product, and you can contact our customer service for further advice.

Can I purchase the products instead of renting them?

Some of the products are available for purchase as well as rental. You can check the product description on our website or contact us for availability and pricing.

What is the cost of various launch gimmick products on your site?

At Rental Supplier, we provide various launching gimmick products that can be chosen based on your event type. You may choose the quantity of products and request for a quote and our team will work with you to provide the best price possible.

What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping is a technique used to project images or video onto three-dimensional objects or surfaces, creating a visually stunning and immersive experience. It is also known as spatial augmented reality or video mapping. This technique involves using specialized software to map a two-dimensional image or video onto the surface of a three-dimensional object or space, taking into account its contours and dimensions. Projection mapping is commonly used in events, exhibitions, and advertising to create immersive environments that capture the attention of audiences.

What is a Kubuki launching system?

A Kabuki launching system is a theatrical effect used to reveal or launch a product or performance on stage. The system consists of a specialized curtain that drops suddenly, revealing the product or performer in a dramatic and attention-grabbing way. The Kabuki system is commonly used in events, product launches, and theatrical performances to create a memorable and engaging moment for the audience.