Allen& Heath SQ-7

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Allen & Heath has unveiled SQ-7, the new 33 fader flagship console in its 96kHz SQ series.


Allen& Heath SQ-7

When you’re mixing a multi-mic setup, you’ll find the SQ-7’s Automatic Mic Mixing capabilities to be a huge help. It’s also a fantastic “safety net” when relying on inexperienced volunteers to manage the sound system. With Automatic Mic Mixing, you can be sure that you’ll never experience an excessive imbalance between mic levels in large multi-mic applications.


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Multitrack recording is made simple with the Allen & Heath SQ-7, with its built-in 32 x 32 USB audio interface. Engineers at Sweetwater also appreciate the convenience of direct recording to a USB drive. A 64-channel I/O port is also present for connecting to network audio. And an SLink port allows for remote audio and I/O expansion.

Features : 

  • 48 Channels / 36 bus digital mixer
  • 96 kHz XCVI Core
  • 33 Faders
  • 6 Custom layers
  • 32 Preams
  • Flexible Routing
  • 8 Soft rotaries
  • 16 Softkeys
  • Deep Processing
  • Intelligent Slink