Carvin LM15

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Whether you’re a mobile DJ, club musician, or audio professional, Carvin’s LM Series loudspeakers are the workhorse you’ve always wanted.


Carvin LM15

Designed for small to medium size venues, the audience will hear crystal clear sound. The enclosure is made of molded polypropylene, and won’t chip or crack. A heavy gauge steel powder-coated grill covers the woofer. The crossover includes two Neutrik combo Speakon and 1/4″ phone connector mounted on FR4 double sided circuit boards for solid construction and durability. Carvin’s exclusive Speaker Guard™ HF Driver protection uses a self resetting relay circuit to dim the HF driver 10 dB protecting the voice coil from excessive power. Carvin’s LM Series – the right tools for the job!

Features :

  • Suitable for small and medium venues
  • Designed to stand alone full range sound reinforcement loudspeaker, or lay down for a full range monitor
  • Effective for permanent and portable applications
  • Compact light weight design
  • Heavy duty Neodymium 15” woofer
  • Neodymium 1-inch exit HF driver
  • Monitor cuts on both back corner
  • Water resistant polypropylene enclosure