DSPPA Wall Mount

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Professional integrated wall-mounted IP network audio decoding speaker with POE power supply, suitable for high-end office buildings, prisons, banks, VIP rooms and other public broadcasting places requiring simplified wiring.


DSPPA Wall Mount

DSP6604E is a networked loudspeaker box with integrated design of networked terminal processor combining with high fidelity speaker. It Based on TCP/IP and compatible with standard SIP, support LAN, WAN and cross-Network segment. It can run separately from network and host. It has a network signal input port, an auxiliary audio input port and an auxiliary audio output port, which can play background music, emergency paging, alarm signal, etc. from the host system. Priority is network program source, built-in program source and auxiliary input. High fidelity digital power amplifier, stereo playing, soft sound, strong power. Built-in high-capacity memory, built-in program source, with timing function. It support multimedia teaching system, realizing the integration of voice system and broadcasting system of teaching.

Features :

  • Input 70V/100V/8O
  • Wide Freq.Resp.:65-20,000Hz
  • Max SPL:107±2dB
  • High sensitivity:91±2dB
  • Wall mount type loudspeaker
  • Metal grille and ABS enclosure of black color
  • Equipped with hanging holes for mounting convenient