Fender Twin Reverb

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The finest guitar amps with its clean tone, spring reverb and versatility in music genres.


Fender Twin Reverb

An exact reproduction of what might be the hardest working amplifier ever! If you need a husky, confident, clean sound with enough head-room to compete on stage with a heavy handed drummer, the Fender ’65 Twin Reverb is the amp for you. Delivers 85-Watts through two Jensen 12-inch speakers. Has 2 channels, tube vibrato, tube spring reverb, tilt-back legs, and Blackface cosmetics. Includes 2-button footswitch.

Features :

  • 85-watt
  • Groove Tube  output tunes
  • Preamp tubes
  • Dual channels ( normal and vibrato)
  • On-off footswitch