Hydraulic Launching System

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Make your event a memorable spectacle with our state-of-the-art Hydraulic Launching System. Designed for versatility and simplicity, our system is the go-to solution for impactful event launches!

The hydraulic launching system ( in cylinder shape ) is a simple yet popular choice for any event launching.


Hydraulic Launching System

Supported by the hydraulic mechanism, it also works best with “mock” props (like keys, mobile phone, cards, etc) and customized ornament to mark the launching.

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A Hydraulic Launch System is a mechanism that uses hydraulic principles to launch objects. In the event industry, it’s a popular choice for launching props or customized ornaments, marking the start of an event in a dramatic fashion. Our Hydraulic Launching System, with its robust design and reliable performance, ensures a smooth and impactful launch every time.
Our Hydraulic Launching System stands out for its simplicity, versatility, and effectiveness. It works seamlessly with various “mock” props like keys, mobile phones, cards, etc., and personalized ornaments to commemorate the launch, which is supported by the hydraulic mechanism. It’s perfect for the introduction of a book, logo, and products, creating a memorable spectacle for your audience.
When compared to otherss, our Hydraulic Launching System stands out for its simplicity, power, and reliability. We provide a step-by-step guide on setup, operation, and safety precautions, ensuring you can use the system with ease and confidence.
Yes, as a full-service event equipment rental company our service includes delivery, installation and dismantling of the equipment to ensure a successful event.
Hydraulic launching systems are highly effective launching gimmicks due to their ability to create a memorable spectacle that instantly captivates the audience. These systems, often used in product launches, grand openings, and special events, utilize the power of hydraulics to propel objects or reveal products in a dramatic fashion. Their versatility allows them to work with a variety of props, making them a popular choice for event planners seeking reliable and attention-grabbing solutions. The smooth operation of hydraulic systems ensures flawless performance, enhancing the overall impact and success of an event.
Rental Supplier offers a variety of launching gimmick equipment to elevate your events. Our products include holograms for a futuristic touch, laser effect machines for stunning visual displays, Kabuki launching systems for dramatic product reveals, plasma balls for mesmerizing electric effects, giant confetti cannons for a festive atmosphere, sky dancers for attention-grabbing outdoor events and many more others. We also provide special effects equipment for an even more captivating experience.