Korg O1/W Keyboard

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The Korg O1/W Pro is based on the Korg O1/W FD but its 76-note keyboard offers an extra octave compared to the standard model. As well as all of the great sounds of the 01/W FD it also offers new drum sounds and an improved acoustic piano.


Korg O1/W Keyboard

korg 01w

Features :

  • The tone generator section includes a full 80 Mbits of PCM data.
  • A grand total of 256 multisounds .
  • 01W’s exciting Wave Shaping function, that lets you select any of 60 WaveShaping tables to add new harmonics to the multisounds.
  • Dual digital multi-effect processors, which put a selection of 47 different effects at your control.
  • Built-in disk drive makes data management using 3 5″ 2DD disks a snap.