Lapel / Lavalier

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A lavalier microphone is a very small microphone that is attached either directly to presenter’s body or their clothing.


Lapel / Lavalier

This type of microphone also referred to as a lav mic, a lapel collar mic, a body mic, a clip mic, a neck mic, or a personal mic.

Lavalier Microphones Characteristics :

  • Small, compact size
  • Collects audio focused on a single actor
  • Omnidirectional or cardioid pickup pattern


Advantages using lapel mic :

  1. Discreet – ability to be hidden
  2. Portable – bring with you
  3. Hands-free – no need to hold the mic


When to use a lavalier mic?

  • Recording
  • Stage drama
  • Conferences
  • Virtual event recording
  • Presentation


Brand we have:

  • Shure
  • Sennheiser