Simultaneous Interpretation System

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Conference Interpreting Equipment System or Simultaneous Interpreting System (SIS) required for events which are conducted in multiple languages.


Simultaneous Interpretation System

It is used for interpretation or translation process. Simultaneous interpreting system is designed for high-quality distribution of audio signal from an interpreter to each listener.

simultaneous interpretation system 3

The term “simultaneous interpretation” means that the sound of translation is received by the listener with a minimum delay, therefore, the interpreter or translator translates almost on the fly. The listener does not have to wait until the speaker stops and the interpreter starts translating the phrase the speaker said.


These equipment can be setup at :

  • Ballroom
  • Halls
  • Auditoriums
  • Hotels
  • and your own venue

The core components of the Simultaneous Interpretation System consists of:


  1. Interpreter booth
  2. Interpreter console
  3. Stationary transmitter
  4. Receiver