Confetti Canon Machine Rental

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A compressed air powered canon that will scatter vibrant color paper. Perfect for entertainment events.


Confetti Cannon

The perfect wedding is unforgettable and filled with magic. It supports a lasting and memorable occasion that personifies a unique experience for all. For a remarkable cascade of amazing displays during the festivities, you can liven the day with wedding confetti cannons. From a blizzard of white streams to dancing red hearts, you have numerous options to make the day fabulous. In fact, confetti cannons make the perfect backdrop for invaluable pictures and add a nice twist of excitement for the festivities.

Confetti Special Effect

The available confetti effects are:
  • Remote Control Confetti Cannons for the ultimate award ceremony.
  • BigBlaster Confetti Cannons for the ultimate in festival filling power. It’s used for large venues such as stadiums, arenas, or large outdoor events.