Korg Triton LE- 76 keys

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The Korg Triton LE- 79 keys is simply a bank sound with 425 multi-samples and 413 drum samples that cover a multi of instruments like piano, guitar, brass, strings, and tuned percussion to the most modern synth sounds.


Korg Triton LE- 76 keys

The Triton LE was released to give virtually all the same great sounds and power of the original Triton at a much lower price. Its major changes include the lack of the touch-screen interface (replaced by a smaller LCD only screen), no more ribbon controller, and only one (instead of five) insert effects. There is only one expansion slot for the Korg EXB-SMPL sampling board. Internally, the sounds and synthesis engine remain virtually the same, but a lot of the “workstation” features have been side-lined to make the LE a cheaper and more standard type of keyboard for less demanding entry-level or budget-challenged musicians. The LE was offered in 61, 76 and a weighted 88 note keyboard models. Note that the 88-key model added a 16-MB Piano ROM to the standard 32 MB of waveform memory.


korg triton LE 76 keys

Features :

  • 62 voices. 16-track sequencer.
  • one stereo insert effect, 2 master effects, plus a master
  • EQ (stereo 3-band)
  • Mixer section that controls their routing