Yamaha Xs7 – 76 Key

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The Yamaha Motif XS7 is such an instrument, sure to become not only the core of your studio or stage rig, but the centerpiece of your creative process.The successful keyboard workstation must excel as both an integral component in a professional studio and as an expressive digital instrument, and must accomplish three things: ease of use, intimate feel, and amazing sounds. The Motif XS7 gets perfect marks in all three fields.


Yamaha Xs7 – 76 Key

Outstanding sounds and effects. Expanded Articulation greatly increases realism of instrument sounds, and can make unheard-of sounds as well. Powerful sequencer with live audio recording. PlayFX offers deep quantizing and groove options. Tight computer integration, especially with Cubase AI, which is included. 76 keys, semi-weighted synth action.


Yamaha Xs7 76 Key 2

Features :

  • New KARMA motif software
  • High Quality Sounds to Spark Your Creativity
  • Idea for Live Performance, Song Creating and Arranging
  • Intuitive Interface, Easy Operation
  • Computer Integration
  • Cubase Connection — and Studio Connections