AER Compact 60

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Perfect for busking or small gigs, Acoustic Am AER 60 watt amp has two voice channels and four digital affects that balance out vocal and instrument.


AER Compact 60

The AER Compact 60-3 is the 3rd design update of one of the most popular acoustic amps on the market. With separate channels for vocals (XLR input) and guitar (jack input) each with dedicated EQ you’ve got everything you need for a singer-songwriter’s performance! Polish the performance with 4 DSP effects and amplify with 60w of pristine solid state sound. AER amps are renowned for their fidelity and natural tones that are precise without being harsh.

Features :

  • 8″ (200 mm) twin cone full-range speaker
  • Two channels with triple-/dual-band equalizer
  • Four digital effect presets (reverb 1 and 2, delay, chorus)
  • 60 watts, dynamically controlled