Air Cooler Rental

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Hot burning sun that bring tons of heat making outdoor events uncomfortable. In this conditions, an single air cooler could avoid it and deliver much cooler environment.


Air Cooler Rental

Air cooler are usually similar to air conditioner. It carry cool air by transfer heat away from its source like water or ice. Ther are two main type of air cooler, one is water-source air cooler and the other is ice-sourse air cooler. Ice air cooler does bring more cooling effect compare to water based.


Fan Diameter 30 Inches
Speed 950 rpm
Motor 490 Watt
Cooling Area 2500 sq.ft. (Approx)
Max Airflow Delivery Distance 75 ft. (l) x 45 ft. (B)
  • Super silent
  • Easy to use controls
  • Built-in sterilisation system