Mist Fan

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We have specialty in this industry for quicker installation and unloading the Mist Fan . We Provide Mist Fan on Rent.


Mist Fan

Mist fan rental is the ideal temporary cooling device for events, workshops, factories and canteens. Malaysia’s tropical climate, warm and sometimes with no air movement makes us feel stuffy and intolerant to the heat.


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Length :
26 Inch Hi capacity fan
Speed :
3 speed full copper wiring motor (1450RPM)
Water Tank :
35 Ltr (Last for 8 Hrs)
Temperature Drop :
Temperature Drop 80C – 150C
Jet Distance :
14 Feet
Working Voltage :
190V ~ 250V
Power Consumption :
165W to 230W
Other :
  • Adjustable misting Volume
  • High quality Grill Blade and Framework